At Brookline Periodontics and Oral Surgery, we understand that the prospect of dental implants can be daunting, especially if you are concerned about insufficient bone density. That is where our specialized bone grafting procedure comes in — a solution tailored to meet your unique needs. This advanced technique is integral in enhancing the jawbone’s structure, enabling individuals like you, who have experienced bone loss, to successfully receive dental implants.

Our approach to bone grafting is meticulous and patient focused. If you have suffered bone loss due to tooth extractions, periodontal disease or injury, this procedure is particularly crucial. Dr. Shadi Daher or Dr. Milagros Serrano will begin with a comprehensive evaluation, including state-of-the-art imaging, to precisely assess your bone density and identify your specific grafting requirements. Our skilled team then carefully places bone graft material — sourced from your body, a donor or synthetic options — in areas where your bone is lacking. This is followed by a healing phase, where the graft material integrates with your existing bone, strengthening it significantly.

Bone grafting has multiple advantages, including:

  • Enhanced Jawbone Structure: We focus on strengthening and maintaining your jawbone, which is essential for your facial aesthetics.
  • Solid Foundation for Dental Implants: Our procedure ensures the necessary support and stability for successful dental implants.
  • Prevention of Further Bone Loss: We aim to preserve your remaining jawbone structure, preventing any further deterioration.
  • Improved Dental Health and Functionality: Overall dental well-being is our priority, enhancing your oral function and health.

If you have thought dental implants were not an option due to insufficient bone density, bone grafting in Brookline, Massachusetts, could change that. We invite you to reach out to Brookline Periodontics and Oral Surgery today at 617-734-9494 to book a consultation with our dentists.

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